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2024 Medicare Changes: the standard monthly cost of Medicare Part B which covers doctors’ services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services, will increase $9.80, from 164.90 in 2023 to $174.70.

The annual deductible for Medicare Part B will rise $14 to $240 for 2024, and the Medicare Part A deductible goes up $32 to $1,632….

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part C

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Key Questions

Coverage Assessment

Your portfolio begins with an assessment of coverage to help identify gaps in coverage.

Medicare Eligibility

Persons age of 65 and Citizen or a legal resident, or under the age 65 with a disability.

When to Enroll

Specific timess: like the annual enrollment, the open enrollment or special enrollments.

Who pays First

If the group plan or your medicare plan pays first depends on the number of employees.

Late Enroll Penalty

Prescription Plan is optional, but there’s a penalty, even if not taking medications.

Supplements Plans Explained

Supplement Plans helps pay some out of pocket expenses like co-pays and deductible.

Summary of How Medicare Works

Original Medicare is basically a 80/20 plan with deductibles, and Supplement Plans helps to pay your 20%.

Medicare Savings Program

Medicare Saving Program. Financial Assistance Program for people covered by Medicare.

The Guarantee issue Period

Supplement Plans are guarantee-issue for the first 6 months, or 63 days of loosing coverage.

Extra Help for Prescription Drugs

You may be eligible for extra help, if your monthly income is under about $1,843. (Couples about $2,485).

Individuals & Families | Employer Groups

If you’re shopping for a Health Plan, and you’re under 65 yrs old, we have professionals that can explain tax-credits that lowers the monthly premium, and will offer you expert plan recommendations at no cost to you.

We can show you Health plans based your zip code and go over the different ‘Benefit Packages’ and how much it cost, like the – premiums, deductibles and co-insurance..

For your convenience, we also offer a self-enrollment-system. So, if you prefer, you can browse plans and self-enroll without assistance at your leisure.

Conference Form

Basic information to build your account and create your user-profile.

Treatment Tracking

Track your medical treatments and how much it costs, to compare your year over year expenses.

Identity Verification

The system may request an identification verification if there’s missing application information.

Modified Income

Wages, Tips, salary, pension, Social Security, unemployment or self employment income.

Medicaid Eligibility

Non Citizen immigrant eligibility for Medicaid and/or CHIP Program Qualification Chart.

Hospitalization Plan

Hospitalization Plan – helps with your out-of-pocket expenses, by paying You, between $100-$1,500 per day, if you’re admitted, and helps pay for the emergency-room and ambulance.

Cancer Coverage

Cancer Plan – helps cover things like screenings and the initial diagnosis of internal cancer, radiation / chemo, immunotherapy,  and pays You.. $2,500 – $30,000 lump-sum payment.

Critical illness Plan

Critical illness Plan – protects you financially from the unexpected costs of having a heart-attack, or a stroke, or parkinsons, alzheimers, or needing to have a major organ transplant.

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