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Types of Annuities

An Annuity – is a contract issued by insurance companies, providing income over a specified number of years, or over a entire lifetime.


Fixed Annuity – guarantee a specific rate of return, and you will know in advance just how much your Annuity will grow by a fixed interest rate and how much it should pay.


Indexed Annuity – Generally, promises to provide returns based on the performance of an index, with two phases, the accumulation phase, and the pay or distribution phase.


Variable Annuity – are vested in a variety of sub-accounts that grows on a tax-deferred basis and offers a significantly higher payout potential, when compared to a Fixed Annuity.

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A Fixed Annuity – is an insurance investment that guarantees your return-on-investment.

Qualified Annuities – are bought with pre-tax dollars as part of a retirement plan, like an IRA.

Non-qualified Annuity – is bought with after-tax dollars rather than pre-tax ‘qualified’ funds.

Immediate Annuity – refers to lump-sum deposits that starts distributing funds immediately.

Deferred Annuity – allows an asset to grow and pays taxes on the capital gains at a later date.

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